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NEURO Body & Face Cream Combo




Neurofarm’s CBD lotion is infused with ingredients like aloe vera extract, vitamin E, lavender oil, and turmeric to give you maximum benefits so you can have the best skin possible. With anti-inflammatory, deep moisturizing, and skin-protecting benefits, this product is as much a saving grace for cold/dry burnt skin in the winter as it is for sunburnt skin in the summer and for any weather in between.

Face Cream

Want all the benefits of high-end department store face creams without the department store prices? NeuroFarms’ face cream gives you luxury and results without the obscene price tag. Infused with ingredients like retinol, vitamin B5, and vitamin E, this cream has all the anti-aging and beautifying benefits that will give you noticeable results.

This cream will give you softer, healthier-looking skin with diminished signs of aging. This product is also effective in treating and preventing skin conditions such as dermatitis, dry skin, dullness, etc.

Product Info


500mg CBD per 1oz.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of organic aloe vera extract, coconut oil, allatonin, B5, Vitamin A retinol, jojoba oil, hempseed oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, vitamin E, citric acid, lavender oil, vanilla oil, cinnamon oil, clove oil, turmeric oil, distilled water, tetrasodium EDTA, cetyl alcohol, stearil alcohol.

Face cream

500mg per 1ozIngredients: Suggested use: apply a small amount to freshly washed skin. Topical use only..

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